GPS MatriX

GPS MatriX real time tracking and geo-positioning. 


GPS real time tracking  

Buffer holding 20 000 events

Transmits through the GPRS without limits on all mobile operator networks

GPS fleet-managment

Tracking both the used and the currently available fuel directly through the CAN bus of the on-board vehicle

Driver identification





Product video:

Purpose of Use:

GPS MatriX is a top-class smart device with extensive capabilities for fleet optimisation and management, and real time vehicle tracking.

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  • GPS MatriX offers complete integration with the cloud services of a number of GPS Tracking providers
  • GPS MatriX is equipped with a sensitive and highly accurate GPS receiver, thanks to which, an exact location of the vehicle is transmitted and viewed from anywhere in the world at any given time;
  • GPS MatriX offers an extensive ‘ALL IN ONE’ data set for real-time record tracking of the following parameters: 
    • location
    • speed and direction of movement
    • travelled distance and routes
    • tracking both used and the currently available fuel directly through the CAN bus of the on-board vehicle
    • tracking fuel usage and current fuel status of external devices: factory gauge, additional fuel probe or an additional flow meter
    • engine Revolutions
    • engine temperature and/or the storage compartment
    • opened/Closed doors
    • switched on/off aggregates
  • The device has a number of outputs which offer live control over the device, enabling the following options:
    • vehicle engine stop
    • relay and external device control and management
    • aggregate switch on/ off and more
  • Transmits through the GPRS without limits on all mobile networks from different providers.
  • Specific algorithms for optimising GPRS data traffic in roaming 
  • Capability of receiving or making voice calls to authorised number
  • Firmware update capabilities through:
    • USB cable
    • remotely through TCP/IP channel
    • by SMS from an authorised number
  • SMS alerts for specific events.
  • Built-in LiION battery.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Supply:

9 ÷ 40VDC (max 60VDC за 1min)

  • Analog Inputs:

2 inputs (12 bits; software selectable range 3÷16VDC; hardware capabilities up to 60V) 

  • Digital Inputs:

2 inputs (positive activation)

2 inputs (negative activation)

  •  Imputs for measuring revolutions:

1 input (60VDC max)

  • Digital Outputs:

Up to 4 outputs (open collector, IMAX = 300mA)

  • Parameter tracking and reading through CAN bus:

FMS (SAE J1939), OBD2 (SAE J1979), J1708

  •   Serial Port:

2 ports (RS232)

  • Operations with contactless cards

125 kHz ASK (EM4102)

  • Microphone Input

1 input.

  • Power consumption in SLEEP MODE:


  • Power consumption in REST MODE:

25mA @12V

  • Power consumption in WORK MODE:

35mA @12V

  • GSM module:

850/900/1800/1900 MHz

  • GPS receiver:

66 ( channel)

  • Positioning accuracy:


  • Internal battery:

350mAh Li-Ion

  • Operational temperature:

-30˚C ÷ +75˚C

  • Weight:


  •   Dimensions:

90mm х 63mm х 32mm

  • Sertificates:

CE Sertificate, Emark, RoHS  

Included in the package

  • 1 x GPS MatriX in plastic box
  • 1 x GSM antenna with 3 m cable
  • 1 x 24 pins supply cabel


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