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DSSM/GPRS communication module for security systems and monitoring


Two-way GSM/GPRS communication with monitoring centre

Non-volatile memory, storing up to 3000 unsent events

Operates through GPRS on all mobile operators


9 easily programmable digital inputs

4 easily controllable digital outputs

Serial input for integration with different security alarm systems such as TELETEK, PARADOX, DSC

Purpose of Use

DSSM GPRS is a top tier communication device for security and monitoring. Its main purpose is to securely send all events from an alarm system to a monitoring centre with a 100% success rate and 0% data loss.


  • The device is engineered to have a serial input, compatible with different alarm systems from various manufacturers including TELETEK, PARADOX, DSC and others.
  • Non-volatile internal memory storing up to 3000 events.
  • All events generated by the alarm system are transmitted in real-time, instantaneously when they occur.
  • Built-in clock, operating in real-time and independent from the power supply of the device.
  • Two-way communication with monitoring centre. The events are stored in the non-volatile internal memory and deleted only when they are successfully submitted to the monitoring centre and a confirmation of the action being completed is received.
  • All unsent events are stored in the device memory even after resetting or cutting the power supply and can't be deleted until they are being transmitted.
  • Ability for configuration and setup through:

- USB cable
- Remotely through TCP/IP channel
- By an SMS from an authorised number

  • Remote firmware update.
  • 9 easily programmable digital inputs.
  • Serial number for connecting to different security alarm systems.
  • 4 easily controllable digital outputs which can be activated remotely. For example - blocking an alarm system due to unpaid bills to the security provider.
  • Ability to work with balanced inputs.
  • Shows GSM signal quality in real-time with the goal of choosing the best location for installation.
  • Tracks and transmits the status of external power supply of an alarm system.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply:

9 ÷ 30VDC

  • Digital inputs:

9 inputs which can be programmed to be activated by:
- positive (+)
- negative (-)
- with negative, combined with balanced resistors

  • Digital outputs:

4 outputs (open collector, IMAX = 300mA)

  • AC voltage input:

15VAC (max)

  • Communication with alarm system panel:

Selected depending on the type of the system

  • GSM module:


  • Event buffer memory:

3000 events

  • "Standby" mode power consumption:


  • Transmitting power consumption:


  • Operational temperature:

-30˚C ÷ +75˚C

  • Weight:


  • Dimensions:

105mm х 70mm

  • Certificates:

CE certificate

Included in the package

  • 1 x DSSM
  • 1 x Li-Ion 3V battery
  • 1 x GSM antenna with 3m cable



DSSM Specification Datasheet

DSSM CE certificate