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Our brands

Smart Hi-Tech 

Over then 25 years we have been applying our technological experience, accumulate in the security field. Our range of products include security systems, communicators, sensors and the software’s required for their set-up and control. We are inspired by the innovations that we implement in our products. The created devices are high-tech, with many intelligent security options. We believe that innovation and intelligence are the driving force in the security field. That's why we implement every novelty in our devices. We have created a powerful development department, develops the latest trends in the sector. We have implemented a quality management system that has been assessed and certified for compliance with the requirements of the standard EN ISO 9001: 2015. Our products are CE marked and notified according to Directive 2014/53 / EC. We have technical expert opinion and innovative solutions that we apply in the development and implementation of new features and functionalities of our products.




GPS Systems 

GPS Systems Bulgaria is hi-tech engenering company. We have been providing intelligent vehicle fleet management solutions since 17 years. We follow new trends and create multifunctional opportunities for business benefit. We believe that vehicle fleet management is an easy task that can be solved by choosing the right GPS control and live monitoring system. Our completely innovative system for real-time GPS control is designed to facilitate fleet management. The GPS system for fleet management is entirely Bulgarian development. Designed and manufactured in Bulgaria. We are able to make all modifications of the software and GPS devices which give us a huge advantage over the competition in the industry. Thanks to our own production we are able to provide the best prices to our customers. The system is a completely closed structure where we can eliminate any problem. To guarantee top quality, our products are certified under European directives with CE mark. A quality management system EN ISO 9001:2015 is implemented in the company. The GPS devices we install are highest class and are used to collect and process information that is fed to the system's servers. For data confidentiality, the connection between users, server and the GPS devices are encrypted. Thanks to the completely closed cycle of our system, we provide full technical support from the moment of system design, selection of expert solutions and their implementation, to the process of implementation of already taken decisions. Our mission is to guarantee high quality services, products and solutions we offer!

For more information visit: www.gpsbg.eu