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You are in the right place if you are installer of security and fire alarm systems, automation systems for garage doors, barriers and electric doors, as well as automation of industrial machines. Here you will find special price offers, technical support, as well as the latest generation devices SMART DIALER IoT and SMART DIALER IoT VOICE with a cloud system (Cloud) for remote control and notification.

To make it easier for installers, we publish brochures, manuals and connection diagrams for SMART DIALER IoT.


Smart Dialer IoT Flyers - Remote Control of Barriers

Smart Dialer IoT Flyers - Remote Control of Machines

Smart Dialer IoT Flyers - Notification Device for Fire Alarm Systems

Smart Dialer IoT Flyers - Notification Device for Alarm Systems

Smart Dialer IoT Voice - Flyers for emergency and voice communication for elevators


Smart Dialer IoT Quick Installation

Smart Dialer IoT Full Installation

Smart Dialer IoT Declaration of conformity 


Smart Dialer IoT 2G/4G/LTE Service Tool

Additional materials:

Scheme how to use Smart Dialer IoT as a Local Alarm System

Thanks to our experts you will receive an answer to every question about the technical details, capabilities and functionalities of the devices. We have a special price offer for you, if you are interested, contact our sales department.




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