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You are in the right place if you are installer of local security systems and build instalations of security alarm systems connected to monitoring center. Here you will find the latest generation security system SMART GUARD combining reliable security and SMART HOME automation, allowing the user to easily control different electric and electronic appliances and other external systems through different mobile devices. SMART GUARD has the ability to ARM according to previously set timebased schedules. Implemented Smart Door Control for further automation of electromagnetic locks, without additional power supply modules, reducing time and costs.

SMART GUARD has a built-in algorithm for additional high level code protection, ensuring communication encryption for remote access. By implementing two-way encryption and removing the option to delete events, the system guarantees advanced data security and integrity. These are a few of the features of SMART GUARD, for more information see here:

We provide special price offers, technical support, and the latest generation of security equipment - SMART GUARD with cloud system (Cloud) for remote control and notification, as well as FREE software and mobile application for iOS and Android - for more information see here.

To make it easier for installers, we publish brochure, manuals and declarations of SMART GUARD.


Smart Guard Flyer


Smart Guard Installation Manual

Smart Guard User Manual

Smart Guard Cloud Setup

Smart Guard PIR Setup


Smart Guard Declaration of conformity PIR 

Smart Guard Declaration of conformity 

Thanks to our experts you will receive an answer to every question about the technical details, capabilities and functionalities of the security equipment. We have a special price offer for you, if you are interested, contact to our sales department.




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