SMART GUARD is easily manageable through all mobile platforms. For complete and reliable event monitoring, the system supports simultaneous communication through GSM, Wi-Fi and LAN networks. The built-in GSM communicator has the full functionality of the SMART DIALER with the ability to alert and notify about events via call and SMS to or from specified numbers. The module further provides the option to view event and alarm history from the keypad, PC, CLOUD SMART GUARD and other platforms and devices.

WEB ACCESS: cloud.smart-hitech.eu 


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SMART GUARD has a built-in algorithm for additional high level code protection, ensuring communication encryption for remote access. In the event of an attempt to breach the system, we’ve engineered a highly intelligent software with automatic counteractive measures. By implementing two-way encryption and removing the option to delete events, the system guarantees advanced data security and integrity. It is impossible to manipulate or delete information, without it being sent to the monitoring centre..


SMART GUARD is a one of a kind system, supporting automatic and remote software updates over different devices such as the panel, keypads, proximity readers, expanders and others. In the event of connection loss, the software updates can resume from their last point of progress resulting in saving data and avoiding dangerous loops. Other than on site, through the keypads or/and PC, it is possible to remotely support and program the system and its components. The innovative SG PIR sensor allows the supporting teams to remotely view its current state, troubleshoot and modify the settings.